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Ey up loves!

  • Today is the first super official day back for the students at work, in that it's the first day of exams, so for three out of the four hours of today's shift I did not stop. It took me fifty-five minutes to fill six printers with paper because there were that many students trying to print off their essays. Also, the sheer amount of shenaniganry students do to get one of the private rooms! My god!
    • (Q: Susan, didn't you used to be a student?
      A: Mate I did Ancient History, no one went on our floor so it didn't matter if I left my shit everywhere.)

    • But it was also weird! Because my regulars weren't there! One of them came in on his own, instead of in a trio, and I was so surprised that I actually asked him where the others were! (They had exams, bless 'em; I hope they were okay!)

    • ... My manager told us newbies "If you couldn't do this job, you wouldn't have this job," and I am trying to cling to that because I feel like I don't know a single bloody thing.

  • I'm back in the public libraries tomorrow for the first time in like a month, which is probably good because I have a boatload of books to return. I'm also gonna have to grump at HR, maybe, because guess what – they lost my leaving paperwork. My manager filed it in November, but they just... Lost it somewhere...? So I've been paid for the two months where I haven't worked my hours (because, I remind you, they are not my hours anymore), but also I'm now not technically an employee anymore so I can't get paid for the work I've actually done until HR sorts itself out. So... Next month at the earliest! And for bonus points: they're gonna invoice me for the money they overpaid me. FUCKING HELL HR.

  • Yes I went swimming!
    Cut because it's boring and I can't count.Collapse )
  • I'm telling everyone this story because I love it: so the lifeguards have training on a Monday afternoon, right? And I'm doing my lengths, when all I hear is "RAMMING SPEED!" and a SPLOOSH. I think I saw one of the rescue boards involved somewhere, but I don't even care, I immediately trust everyone involved to keep me safe from like viking invaders or whatever.

  • I have a whole TWO INCHES OF SOCK, I'm so pleased. It looks TERRIBLE and I don't even care, because the point is for me to remember how to knit (and purl, oh god, no, I don't remember, it's all gone wrong) and try out making a heel on something that doesn't MATTER because I'm going to send it to our Jill for reasons that I don't remember. I know I told her I was going to send her a sock. Just the one sock. I don't remember why. I'm at the bit that's just "knit until you're ready to put a heel on" and oh god, I'm not ready! I'm knitting it on a round needle now, so I suspect I'm going to have to decant some of this onto the DPNs and see how it goes from there.

  • ... Not being able to try this sock on to see if I've got it right is proving to be An Experience In Hope.

  • I got introduced to the band God Is An Astronaut, that seems to specialise in strange instrumentals? I like this one, but this one sounds like someone got into a boss battle two-thirds of the way in!
New! Episode! Of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card! It took literally ALL DAY to find time for Jill and I to watch it (I was in work till 5, Jill was baby-sitting; I got out of work and Jill was off for a run; she got back and I was yelling about my plans to skyjack an airship in D&D and then had to go home...

(I am trying to convince Mike and Lex that they want to take on an entire fleet. Their argument is that we are three people and the fleet is full of ships that are like the size of Gardens in FFVIII. My argument is 100% "I can take that.")

But we made it! We got to watch our show! And I would like express how actually magical the scifi future is because I can sit here and watch Jill play Prison Architect via the internet while I'm yelling about Cardcaptors, and I can WhatsApp photos of my knitting to my Mum to ask her why it's not working, and this is almost as magical as Cardcaptors.

ANYWAY: my old lady love for the scifi future aside: CARDCAPTORS, A MYSTIC ADVENTURE: Read more...Collapse )
14 January 2018 @ 09:10 am
  • I took a day off yesterday! A proper day off, where I didn't go into the dayjobs , didn't write, didn't transcribe. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD. I found and reread my copy of Flutter by Momoko Tenzen and knitted half-an-inch of sock while playing boardgames with everything. I think the closest I got to doing work was attempting to recover all of the tabs that Firefox ate when it decided "Nope, enough of this, this is far too silly."

  • [personal profile] extrapenguin made A WHOLE BUNCH OF NIRVANA IN FIRE icons because they are amazing and I need to use all of them. Somehow.

  • I am getting the impression that maybe I don't know what a sensible amount of stuff to fit into one day, because when I make jokes about how much of a lazy slug I am everyone is just like "... Wait, what?" APPARENTLY stuff still counts even if you have to tag "But I only" on the end. I could! Do more! My to-do list is huge! But apparently you're supposed to count what you DID get done, not what you DIDN'T, and my Lying Traitor Brain is continuing to both lie and be a traitor.

  • Youtube has learned that I will follow its recommendations if it brings me 18 different versions of "Emiya" from all the Fate soundtracks. This is UNFAIR AND ACCURATE.

  • I felt like me again on Friday! I didn't even know I didn't feel like me until then! I mean, I'm a little sad that I felt like me on a day where I'd gone to bed late, caffeinated myself, and did no exercise, but I'm UNSURPRISED.

  • We also had an evacuation at work on Friday, which probably helped because it made my shift feel that much shorter! Not a drill, but not a proper fire either? We think some of the workmen set it off accidentally. Either way we managed to get 300+ people out of the building in like 15-20 minutes, which is pretty good for a six-storey building! ... I am CONCERNED about the students who KEEP WORKING THROUGH THE FIRE ALARM and also the ones who stopped directly in front of the exits like "This is far enough to evacuate, right?" (No. No it wasn't. I ended up repeating "That's the fire alarm, you need to leave," a lot. On the plus side, I didn't have anyone going "I can't hear you, the fire alarm's going off" so it's better than my LAST fire drill.)

  • I feel very fond of the regulars that I'm meeting, which is probably not going to last. Please go home and rest occasionally you guys! You're all very nice, but you'll end up a trashfire like me if you don't sleep!

  • Nottingham Station caught fire! Not sure what happened there, but it's out and I don't think anyone was harmed? I told our Jill not to come visit me by train and she said she wasn't going to come and visit me anyway. :( :( :(

  • Did I tell you about the enquiry I had? Dude knew the journal he wanted, and the year, and the page numbers for the article he needed... But not the title or author. ... Wut.

Yeah, I got nothing. How is everyone! What've you been up to since I saw you last?
10 January 2018 @ 01:16 pm
(I keep talking about exercise on here because something in my brain is glitching? Like apparently exercise is supposed to make you feel better, but it's only like, as I talk to people? That I start to go "Oh! Yes, that was fine, that was fun!" so I think I'm using this to get me out of my own head? My head is a negativity loop, it sucks.)

Read more...Collapse )
The new Card Captor Sakura series is out!!! I am so excited and happy, and I got to watch it with [twitter.com profile] jilliferium by grace of the internet and Lex being lovely and logging into his crunchyroll account, which he pays for so he has the episode now instead of next week when it goes up for free.

(If anyone wants to watch it and have feelings with me: it's on crunchyroll!)

The short version: this cleared my pores, watered my crops, cancelled the apocalypse, and made my heart grow three sizes and fill with rainbows!

Read more...Collapse )

In conclusion: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's so cute and I love it and this has reminded me that if anyone ever needs to get me a present, Card Captor Sakura merch is ALWAYS THE WAY TO GO. (See also: this amazing skirt, which I would buy and wear ALL THE TIME.)
07 January 2018 @ 06:30 pm
    Cut for exercise talk being of interest to literally no one.Collapse )
  • I do not know why I have been feeling so sad the last few days! It's really weird! [twitter.com profile] faintdreams was correct that at least some of it was dehydration, so I am pouring water into my face and seeing if that helps.

  • (I mentioned on twitter that I am pretty much having a drink of water whenever my brain tried to tell me that I was sad, so either I am going to be SUPER HYDRATED or I am going to drown the fucker into being happy. WE SHALL SEE.)

  • Fate/Apocrypha is on Netflix now if anyone wants to get in on that with me! Lex and I rewatched the first six episodes, and it was very strange to look back at who/what we thought was going to be important, and see some more of the problems coming in advance!

  • I have ordered myself some cute sock knitting needles off Etsy, which I really want to arrive soon! I have got some wooden ones and some metal ones to see what I get on with better – I prefer my hooks and needles to not be metal because I am a delicate flower, but this is quite small, so... Maybe it'll help?

  • I am getting antsy for a new notebook. I've GOT notebooks, I have enough notebooks that I could straight up hand-draft everything I write until doomsday and never run out, but also I want. (I am allowing myself to entertain the idea of a pastel clipbook for putting all of my crochet/knitting patterns in, but I should not be allowed to do that because it will only end badly.)

  • I currently have a post-it stuck to the ruler/bookmark in my diary with all of my goals on it, just to make sure that I don't... Get distracted and forget that it's a thing that I want to do? Seems to be working okay! I am definitely crossing things off already.

  • I had a customer come in asking for a specific article from a journal. He knew the journal, he knew the year, he knew the page numbers... But not the title. Orz

  • I am still mad about photobucket taking the icon making community out at the knees, but I'm gonna hunt for/make Nirvana in Fire and Fate icons, and I GUESS I need something for when I'm being boring about health/exercise so people know what to skip??? I asked on the Nirvana in Fire discord if anyone knew of any icon makers and someone slid me a bunch of screencaps so I know what my plans are.

  • I am never going to stop being confused that the experience most emotionally similar to the LJ communities of old... Is a mass chatroom...

And you know what, fuck it, here's the music that I've been listening to this week! Read more...Collapse )

So... We survived the first week of 2018! How is everyone doing? What you up to?
What I say: I'm fine.
What I mean: Apparently Mei Changsu's actor said that the character cannot be understood as a human being, but as the embodiment of 70,000 ghosts crying out for vengeance, so I am dying over the number of choices that a writer could make over and layers they could add to a story what to call this character in a scene from his point of view

(... It also doesn't help that the default for the fandom seems to be to refer to the character as Mei Changsu, and the cast anecdotes someone translated referred to him as Su, and I'm not far enough into the translation of the novel to have opinions so just. I die.)
04 January 2018 @ 08:44 pm
Email from my manager: Hey, we're looking for people to fill these shifts!
Me to me: Don't do it. You're already working on those days. Don't do it.
Me: *quickly works out how much those extra shifts would be worth*
Me to me: Seriously, you have plans for those days and you don't want to to work them!
Me: *works out how much I'm being paid this month*
Me to me: LOOK that is a reasonable amount! Stop it!
Me: Hi, I'm available to cover some of those shifts if you need anyone!
Me to me: ... You traitorous bitch.

ON THE PLUS SIDE my manager only gave me one extra shift, but holy shit self you are not going to die if you don't take every single shift on offer.
I was in bed by midnight, got up a little after seven, walked 2.6 miles today AND swam 32 lengths of a 25m pool, which I'm informed is about half a mile.

My ARMS are tired. I didn't even know arms could GET this tired.

But it's OKAY, because I'm at the library now doing transcriptions and yelling on twitter, where I belong. Gonna go swimming again probably Monday after work? And see if I can do 34 lengths.