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27 July 2016 @ 11:51 pm
  1. The summer reading challenge has started at work! I ended up setting up a treasure hunt, which lots of the parents and kids seemed excited about, and we joined SO MANY KIDS up to the library today! Including adorable twins and a little girl who was very proud to be answering all of the questions.

  2. I got SO MANY BOOKS today! Volumes 2, 3 and 5 of The Ancient Magus' Bride came in (they're still waiting on four!), the second book of DC Bombshells (... I need to read both of these and then AGGRESSIVELY FOIST THEM ONTO [personal profile] captainraz), and the volume of Until Death Do Us Part I somehow managed to skip over came in! And the library got the first fifteen volumes of Skip Beat in for me so I can reread them, and [personal profile] renay is hella jealous and she doesn't know why.

  3. I did a bit of a Pokémon jaunt while I was walking from the library to my mate's house (my regular Wednesday game was cancelled, we went round to stat characters/brainstorm for another game), and a) it is GREAT to go by the bit of the castle near the students and see hordes of people sprawling around blatantly playing Pokémon, b) someone dropped lures on all three overlapping Pokéstops, it was like a fucking swarm, c) I hatched a Snorlax! And an Eggsecute! d) I stopped for a minute to check out a gym, and a massive group of people stopped nearby with their phones out.

    "Oh wow, is everyone kicking Team Valour out of that gym?" says I, and this whole group goes YES. (Me and this one other dude were the token Team Instinct members! REPRESENT, TEAM YELLOW, WE ARE THE CUTEST!) We then proceed to kick Valour out of the gym, Mystic moves in, and I get invited to go on a Pokéwalk up to the castle with this swarm of people. :) I didn't, because I was running behind, but it was really nice to be invited!
Uncharted // Let's Start Living Dangerously
G | 816 words | Victor Sullivan, Nathan Drake | OKAY, technically no spoilers! Set pre-franchise, but using canon established in Uncharted 3? | Nate can look after himself. He's better at look after himself than Sully is, anyway.

Six months in and he still wasn"t willing to take the chance that Sully was gonna go out on a job and forget to come backCollapse )
The game taunted me with Hawkeye during the British Invasion event, now I want it. Also I read the first volume of Hawkeye and I love Clint Barton the Human Disaster. He's great. So have a drabble of Hawkeye the Human Disaster during the Spiderman event.

(GUYS I think I should maybe make a macro fic to collect my Avengers Academy drabbles in, what's a good title?)

Okay, this looks bad.Collapse )
11 July 2016 @ 12:49 am
X-Men //
G | 914 words | Charles Xavier, Erik Lennsher, Raven Darkholme | Set half-way through X-Men: First Class | But why can't Raven go on the road trip?

Why can"t I go with you?Collapse )
What can I say? [personal profile] squeemu gives good ideas. (Ms [personal profile] vieralynn: I haven't forgotten you! I just need to find Let's Plays of the right bit of the game for what I want to write!)

Read more...Collapse )
I'm just slowly pootling through comments over here. I fully expect [personal profile] renay to show up at the last possible minute just holding a sign saying "STEVE/TONY FOREVER" though.
I don't even know where to start, I don't WANT to start. Leave me prompts (y'all know my fandoms, if you don't then give us a shout) and I'm going to try to write happy fic for us. That sound like a plan?
Okay, this has been bugging me since I first saw Warcraft: The Beginning. Orcs are sexually dimorphic, right? Female orcs are, as far as I could see, slightly smaller than male orcs (but still buff as fuck, and I respect the animators for that), and have needle tusks. (Compare Draka to her husband.)

Now, Garona says that the tusk she's wearing is her mother's, but that tusk is HUGE compared to the other female orcs'! Are orcs not as dimorphic as I thought? Did her mother just have unusually large tusks? Did Goldan give her a random tusk and some randomer has been watching over her all this time? ... I'm up for that, ngl, I would just like to know whether I'm going mad or not.
13 June 2016 @ 10:51 pm
(I COULD have gone full Icarus with this but it didn't occur to me until like 1:51 in the morning so NO, NO MYTHOLOGICAL ALLUSIONS FOR YOU, I WILL SAVE THAT TITLE FOR ANOTHER DAY, because I feel like "Some live like Icarus" could be a good Tony Stark story if I was any good at Tony fucking Stark.)

So, anyway, [personal profile] renay left me a comment saying "YOU COULD WRITE THEM WATCHING A SUNSET IN SILENCE AND I'D PROBABLY LIKE IT" about that Steve/Tony fic I wrote for her yesterday and it was like 7:00am so I was like "OH REALLY?!" and, well. What do we have here.



Avengers Academy // As I Fall I Feel
G | 480 words | Tony Stark, Steve Rogers | No spoilers, set during the early days of the academy? | Nothing makes you appreciate a beautiful evening like destroying Hydra.

It was probably the most beautiful sunset he"d ever seen.Collapse )
The file name for this was "Tony flirts badly with Steve" and I feel like that is a pretty accurate summary of what is going on here. But I promised [personal profile] renay Steve/Tony fic (even though not my ship and hahahahahahahaha when was the last time I wrote kissing fic?) AND BY GOD THERE WILL BE KISSING FIC. REGARDLESS OF QUALITY.

Avengers Academy // I Wanna Wear You Like a Suit
G | 953 words | Steve Rogers/Tony Stark | Super vague spoilers for a couple of missions in the Civil War event | Pulling pigtails was old back when Steve was a kid.

Steve was supposed to be catching up on recent history, Fury"s orders.Collapse )