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So, Lex and I went to see Age of Ulton, and... I didn't really like it. I can't discuss this on twitter, because spoilers and harshing people's squee is rude, but I need somewhere to vent about it. After [personal profile] renay goes to see it, I expect her to come back and to hit me with the DING DONG YOU ARE WRONG stick, but until then: SPOILERS AND DISLIKE BEHIND THE CUT!

... Seriously, the very first sentences are going to be spoilers, please don't click on this unless you genuinely don't care or have already seen the movie.

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22 April 2015 @ 07:20 pm
Other volunteer at the bookshop I volunteer at: Hey, do you know where the pets books are?
Him: You okay?
Me: I was about to say "636", but we don't use the dewey decimal system here...
22 April 2015 @ 01:15 am
So, Lex had an interview Friday, and HE GOT THE JOB! He's coming back to Nottingham! This is excellent and terrifying and kyaaaaaaaaah!
So, I haven't posted in a while, but I need to post and get people brought up to date! Figured I'd do it in batches because my brain can only hold so much at once. I need to talk about London, at the very least!

  • Y'all know how I'm on a zero hour contract right? Well on Tuesday I had an interview for what is essentially my old job, only fourteen hours instead of twelve - and I got it! SUCCESSFUL JOB GET. Just need my references to come through, which should be fine as one of my references was one of the ladies interviewing me? ([ profile] sithe was joking about them not hiring me because I don't have enough experience, and oh god I'd have laughed until I cried.)

  • I'm still looking for another job though, because oh my GOD, did I tell you guys what happened with my payslip for March?

    So, right, every time I've looked at my payslip this year it's been an unpleasant surprise for one reason or another it's been an unpleasant surprise. So I decide to check it while I'm at work, just so I can get it sorted out while I'm there! Bank Holiday Entitlement, awesome, extra 79p on my... Hang on. Where is the payment for the hours I worked. Why do I have a payslip for seventy-nine fucking pence. What the actual flying flaming fuck is going on?!

    And after quick flail and checking if there's just me fucking up - nope, all of my hours are in and approved! I've done my part here! - I phone the payroll people. "Are you sure that's what it says? That doesn't sound - oh. Oh, that is what that says! We... Will be looking into this as a rush job! We'll call you back!" And then it turned out that there was apparently a block on my payroll account (due to a glitch in the system? IDK.) that meant that I couldn't be paid for anything after the thirteenth of January! It all had a happy ending, in that they've paid me £1100 and it will all be sorted out for next month, but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. That was a fucking scare that I DIDN'T NEED. I told myself that if my payslip was wrong again, I was going to put serious effort into getting a new job, and after this I think I really genuinely need to.

  • I'm doing relief at another library btw! That library is really nice and tiny and they're kinda appalled at the fact that I worked in libraries for a year and still don't know how to sign someone up for a library card so they fixed it! I'm now being trained on all sorts of useful things! Plus this library is less than an hour away from my house and is ONE BUS RIDE rather than a tram and a train, I really kinda wish I could convince them to just hire me outright. Well, that's the purpose of staying in the county library service - I've got access to the internal vacancies that way.

  • So, Lex's placement ends on the 16th and we're SO EXCITED, because Jesus fuck this placement. He had a week where he was working for 12 hours straight every day! But on the flipside they were nice enough to let him run away for an afternoon to sort out his car tax? I don't know, I just know that he doesn't want to be in London and the happier he is the happier I'll be.

Anyway, I'll be back at some point to chatter about other not important things, but suffice it to say that I love you guys! ♥
24 March 2015 @ 01:14 am
I just have so many questions about Michael and his final run! Like, the box you get from Stoker's has a DocWagon bracelet and a datajack - did he have spares? Did he ditch them because they got told to leave behind anything that could identify them? I don't imagine they were for Joshua...

(Also, DocWagons are contracted with like a monthly fee plus additional charges the more severe your response team has to be, so all I'm picturing is just Michael's accounts slowly ticking down and Joshua not realising it even needs paying for until Haversheen mentions that his last payment bounced.)
24 March 2015 @ 12:40 am
Being a grown-up is walking home at half ten, hearing a metal band rocking out in a pub and going "Holy shit, I am adult, if I want to creep into a bar and listen to music at stupid o'clock at night, I totally fucking can!"

Being a grown-up is making the responsible decision to go home and finish that job application that needs doing by midnight.

Being a fuck-up is missing that deadline anyway because you're bad at application forms. *smacks self in face*
10 March 2015 @ 11:58 am
I will have been married to my wonderful husband Lex for an entire year! It will be eleven months since we actually lived in the same city! I am going to London today so I can actually see him on our anniversary! It is also wedding twin [personal profile] renay's anniversary so congratulations to her and [ profile] echthroi!

*hyperventilates into a corner due to the passage of time and also London*
Spoiler warning for twitter and people who aren't seeing cuts!

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ETA Actually this can't be it because dude could just like regrow his throat, wtfhousemate.
  • I have actually hit the "working in other libraries" part of my relief contract! I spent Thursday in a mobile library, which was... Weird. It was tiny! It completely fucked up my sense of place to spend an entire day in a room that moved around! I was on the van for maybe five minutes before I broke something. >_> (I tried to close a cupboard and all of the screws popped out of the hinges...) I've also started at one of the branch libraries, and they're kinda appalled at how much I do not know. They're going to sit me down the next time I'm in and go "Here is how you sign someone up for library card." Yes I've been working in a library for over a year and still don't know how to do that, my library is kinda like that.

  • The recruitment agent who is trying to find Lex a job fucked off for three weeks with no notice so we've no idea how that's going!

  • Lex is stuck working in London till April! FUCK THAT. FUCK THAT IN THE EARS. He's living out of hotels at the moment, which isn't cheap? But is also probably cheaper than getting somewhere to live in London for two months. :\

  • By the end of this week, I need to fill in an application form for one/both of the jobs going at my library. They're only 14 and 15 hours, but if I've got some relief as well I might actually be earning a living wage!

  • So, when you have an actual contract, you get paid from the 25th to the 25th, the month you do the work. If you're relief, you're paid 15th to 15th, the month after. IT SURE WOULD'VE BEEN NICE IF SOMEONE HAD MENTIONED THAT AT ANY POINT BEFORE I OPENED ANY OF MY PAYCHECKS AND HAD PANIC ATTACKS.
THIS POST HAS BEEN SITTING IN MY DRAFT WINDOW FOR LIKE THREE WEEKS OH GOD WHY. I've just added all of the things I read in January to wrap it all up. Please ignore the fact that it's nearly the END of February, this post has been cockblocking me on posting anything else. It was originally written/due to be posted on the 14th of February.

I read a lot of manga in the staffroom at work, because it's something short and quick that I can finish on my lunchbreak and not spend the rest of my shift distracted because I want to be back finishing that novel. Last Friday, one of the ladies at work saw me reading The Mad Scientist's Daughter and sounded very surprised when she said "Oh, you're reading a book without pictures today!"


(Don't let that fool you, I have read a lot of picture books and not a lot else.)

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