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03 September 2015 @ 11:27 pm
"[Nate foolishly assumes that his genre-savvy means that he knows what's going on. This... Goes as well as expected?]"

Also, I found out that I have a file in Google Drive labelled "Trash for the Trash Gods.doc" and all that's in it is like three hundred words of Sanji, Nami and Zoro having breakfast and a prototype list of primary sources of Greek myth for [personal profile] renay. ORGANISATION.
01 September 2015 @ 12:12 am
I've noticed a recurring problem that I have in my writing show up here, and I'm torn as to whether I should talk about it and ask for suggestions, because if I tell people what it is then suddenly they will see it whether they'd noticed it or not. On the other hand, if I don't tell them, people might think I'm not aware of this flaw. SUFFICE IT TO SAY, it has been a while since I wrote an actual conversation in a fic, so I'm rusty as fuck and will need the help.

... Plus I've never written anything for this fandom before, so, uh, GUYS. HELP.

(Plus, I'm discovering that while I want to write sprawling epic stories, I have absolutely no idea how to make that work. I'm much better at picking a word count and doing my best to describe a moment in that space, so I don't always have the skills I need to do basic descriptions and scene setting. ... I think I might have found my task for Inkstorm!)

Uncharted // No Firearms, No Service
G | 200 words | Nate/Elena | No spoilers because I STILL haven't finished the first bloody game, I just... Ship it. >_> | They are definitely going to have a quiet day at the library. Definitely.

Wait, you"re taking a gun to the library?Collapse )
28 August 2015 @ 09:47 pm
Me on the way to work: Man, playing Tragedy Looper has really made me want to write something about a pair of girls who can travel a limited distance back in time and use this power to prevent murders and other tragedies, and maybe they kiss?
Me: ... I don't know what I was expecting.
28 August 2015 @ 09:11 pm
Can anyone see this? I'm trying to make sure email posting is... Actually a thing that I can do? For secret reasons that have nothing to do with faking scheduled posting?
19 August 2015 @ 11:20 pm
So, a while ago I was doing a quick "Guys, I've missed days on my write-fiction-every-day diary! Quick, gimme prompts!", and then I realised that I'd never got round to finishing the one [personal profile] squeemu left for me. OOPS. The draft in my diary isn't quite perfect so she doesn't get the glorious picture of my terrible handwriting that everyone else got, she gets my terrible drabbles instead. <3

Final Fantasy VIII // Self-Control
G | 100 words | Zell | No spoilers, mention of violence | Written for the prompt "13/02/15: Self-control" from [personal profile] squeemu |

It takes a lot of self-control to be a martial arts-focused SeeD.Collapse )
So [personal profile] thebaconfat asked for Kyoko and Sayaka bringing down the house and I was going to write something happy and fluffy about them dropping a building on a witch or, but that is not what came out. Plus it took like two hours to write two drabbles, one of which I'm still not happy enough with to post, SO. Take this while I ponder.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica // Her final bow
G | 100 words | Kyoko, Sayaka | Spoilers for the end of Sayaka's story arc | It's time for them to take their final bows and leave the stage.

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16 August 2015 @ 06:59 pm
I'm playing Dragon Age: Origins on my laptop while [twitter.com profile] sithe plays Dragon Age: Inquisition on the PS3. I feel like we just need to get Lex playing Dragon Age 2 on the 360 and... Idk, maybe we'll summon an actual dragon or something?
13 August 2015 @ 09:44 pm
Was working at new!library today (the one I'm going to when my new hours start, as opposed to current!library.), and IT WAS GREAT.

  • There was like a three-week period where every time this one library manager phoned to talk to someone else, it was always "Oh, Susan, while I've got you on the line - you've been short listed for a job interview!" Pretty great, as you can imagine, and I was happy with this. Today, she's in the library, zooming past on her way to talk to someone else - and then she stops and goes "Oh, Susan, while you're here - we got your last reference in yesterday, and we're proceeding to the next stage with your application. We'll contact your line manager about a start date." YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


    • SO.

    • EXCITED.

  • Today, some guy came in to get a new library card, which was going as normal until he went "I'm really sorry, but the only proof of address I have on me is my bail paperwork..."


  • I am so excited about so many things while I'm working! Like, I can ASK QUESTIONS and GET ANSWERS, because it's a smaller team so people are more likely to know the answer! Or I'm allowed to look things up and find the answer myself!
    • Q: Oh my god this is so frustrating, why do all of the Polish books show up as [RENTAL BOOK] instead of an actual title or author?
      A: Because we don't actually have a permanent stock of Polish books, we rent them from a third party and just recycle the barcode numbers. Here's where to find the current list of titles we have available if anyone asks.

    • Q: Do you think anyone would show me how to work the microfilm reader if I asked?
      A: Sure, if it's quiet next time you're in then I'll show you.

    • Q (from customer): Okay, my kid is at Reading Level 2 in the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, do you have anything equivalent?
      A (found by me): Yes, because Essex is amazing and has a chart for that.

    • Q: Can kids with a visual impairment take part in the Summer Reading Challenge?
      A: Yes! We have to go through through Living Paintings, but we can get special books in for them, and they get a free 3D painting for taking part, which is REALLY COOL.

  • One of the ladies at new!library is really impressed and taken aback with my... Well, she calls it enthusiasm? Like, I'm always really excited about finding out NEW THINGS that help me to DO MY JOB BETTER! And we were quiet at work, so I started shelf-tidying because I couldn't think of anything better to do! And she was just like "I am so old and jaded and you keep making me want to not be. Can we skip to the point where you're jaded and don't care either?" and "Just be careful, people might try to take advantage because you're so enthusiastic, and you need to know that you don't have to do everything!" and it's really sweet that she's concerned!

  • "Where's Susan gone?" "I'm down here! *waves from floor where I'm sitting to better shelf-tidy like a bastard*

  • PROTIP: the graphic novel section at my library WAS a disgrace and then I sorted it out so that it's better. And had a kid in a Spiderman costume explain to me how Batman vs the Joker ended in New 52. It was kinda cute.

  • Picked up a copy The Authority volume one from the library today, partly because I remember enjoying it, and partly because I was trying to make a point about something and was like "And the firs thing they did once Warren Ellis left The Authority was have one of the gay characters raped because WHAT THE FUCK GUYS... Actually, do I have my sequence of events the right way round?" and now I'm checking.

  • (The point I was trying to make was that in my experience, the more canonical gay characters in a canon there are that haven't been raped or sexually abused, the more likely fandom is to be like WE CAN FIX THAT and have lots of rape/sexual assault/childhood trauma as an excuse for comfort sex. NO FANDOM, FUCKING STOP THAT. And then "Oh, no, wait, I've seen that happen in canon as well after a writer switch-over.")

  • Q: Susan, did you manage to get from OH MY GOD NEW JOB! to OH MY GOD FANDOM NO! in the space of one entry?
    A: Don't I always?
10 August 2015 @ 10:21 pm
But somehow, all of the words are muddling up. I know what I want to say! I know how it is supposed to sound! And it is just. Not happening. Might try long-handing it instead, just because that way I can't just throw my hands up and delete absolutely everything.

In recent news:

  • Last Monday was seven years since my dad's death. Still not sure how to feel. Made it through most of the day feeling... Okay? Not happy, obviously, but okay? I gentled myself around and Lex looked after me really well. Then douchebag ex-housemate was a douche and I ended up sobbing my heart out all over Lex when he was trying to sleep.
    • (Douchebag ex-housemate, funnily enough, is SUPER BLOCKED NOW on any form of social media I think he has access to, because seeing his name pisses me off.)

  • My volunteer gig had to let me go, because with my new job I would only be able to show up one week in three and that's really not enough. I got a really sweet card though! And chocolate! And I've encouraged one of the volunteers there to apply for the same library that I went for on the grounds of "Hey, we can keep our unofficial queer as fuck book/lunch club going! There's a Wetherspoons literally round the corner from the library!
    • I have no idea if offering a character reference would count for or against her. She is genuinely a good worker (at least at the place we volunteered), has management experience, and really knows her shit! I'm just not sure of the etiquette of mentioning that and if it could adversely affect the hiring process.

  • Bitch Planet is fucking awesome and seriously knows its target audience. Will post screengrabs and flail at... Some point. I swear to fuck that Things Mean A Lot had a review of it, but I can't find it to save me life. One of the Book Smugglers was smart about it, I'm sure you can believe them until I can words again.

  • You do not understand how much I need to words about Transistor. I have - I have thoughts, okay. And I want fic. And I just had to take a break from writing this post to write notes to myself about my Transistor feels, so clearly something is working!
    • "Apparently my voice acting preferences are 'men who sound like they need blowjobs and a nice cup of tea to make their day better'" - actual thing I said while playing Transistor. Because the male lead sounds like he needs to be put to bed with blowjobs and tea. ... As does Kaiden Alenko, but that is a long-standing problem.
      • [profile] heyheyrenay is probably giving me the side-eye as that is not how Shepard/Garrus works. ... I have nothing I can really say to that. Except I may have this problem with Steve in ME3 too.

  • Getting your period AGAIN after only two weeks is fucking bullshit and I would like to complain to the management.

  • I don't know if I've mentioned this, but as part of my switching jobs phase I've got to do as many of my hours at both libraries as I can manage, which is DOUBLY fun as the job I'm leaving keeps fucking up my extra hours - in that I end up scheduled for them and not told, or scheduled for days when I'm working somewhere else - and oh Jesus I'm tired. But on the plus side, I've done some maths and if I don't get fucked around again, I'm working 123 hours this month! That's almost like REAL PERSON hours! Presumably with corresponding amounts of pay! ... Not bad for a fourteen-hour-a-week contract.

  • I have so many SECRET THINGS to work on, it's hard to choose where to start.

  • I've spent the weekend comfort-reading terrible fanfic, so if you want me to read something NOW MIGHT BE THE TIME. Like, I might be on a bit of an upswing? In that I'm now able to go "This is OOC and I now care enough to stop reading" whereas yesterday I was like "This is OOC but there's a heist and kissing so I don't care." (From Eroica With Love fic: sometimes there is mission/heist fic where they kiss and no one has a secret rapist in their backstory or gets sexually assaulted for the purposes of comfort sex! Finding the correct filters for that is an absolute bastard.) (... I also got linked to some The Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus fic, and it's like "All I know about these characters is that Iron Bull is awesome and Dorian has such a mixed reaction, but I'm okay with this fic?") (Iron Vega and Krem Shep ride agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! And that is all I know about Iron Bull is one sentence.)

  • Is late and I should sleep. Good night darlings. *mwah*
31 July 2015 @ 12:18 am
I may have a problem. My problem might be feelings about this stupid game. ... Don't ask me how this led to 400 words of Sybil-centric bitterness, because I don't know. It was going to be a drabble, but it got away from me and I'm probably going to have to write a better version for great justice and sense-making. On the plus side, now that I've excised this perhaps I'll be able to think about something else!

Transistor//Knots Around The Heart
G | 400 words | Sybil->Red, Transistor->Red | Second person narration, spoilers through The Empty Set | Sybil would wait for Red for as long as necessary, if there was anything for her to wait for.

Everyone else has cleared out of the Empty Set, but you have stayed.Collapse )